Seven percent more overnight stays in Germany

Tourism in Germany was gaining momentum in April this year. According to provisional figures provided by the Federal Statistical Office, the number of overnight stays in places of accommodation and at camping sites amounted to 28.2 million in April this year which is an increase by 7 % on April in 2008. This development is also due to the fact that this year Easter holidays fell on April whereas last year these fell on March.

The increase in the number of overnight stays was due to tourists from within Germany given that they accounted for 24.2 million (+10 %) of all overnight stays and foreign guests for 4.0 million (-6 %).

In the hotel industry the number of overnight stays fell by 2% to 16.5 million in April this year as compared to March. In prevention and rehabilitation clinics the respective figure fell by 0.2% to 3.8 million overnight stays. For all the other kinds of accommodation such as camping sites, holiday homes and flats etc., the number of overnight stays increased by 37% to 7.9 million.

After adjustments for calendar and season overnight stays in April this year increased by 2% on March.

In the period from January to April 2009 the overall number of overnight stays amounted to 91.2 million which was 2% less than in the respective period last year. German tourists accounted for 77.5 million (-1 %) and foreign tourists for 13.7 million (-7 %) of this total number of overnight stays. GERMAN