Fines for unauthorized mobile phone use relatively moderate in Germany

Making phone calls while driving is inevitable for many free lances and skilled workmen given that clients demand their permanent availability. Those using their mobile phones and not having the appropriate free-speaking safety devices installed in their cars will be fined, if they are caught by the police. Fines vary in several countries. According to BITKOM, these fines are relatively moderate in Germany as compared with other European countries.

In Germany fines for unauthorized mobile phone use without free speaking device while driving amount to 40 Euros, whereas in Italy such an infringement will cost drivers up to 594 Euros. Similarly heavy are the fines in the Netherlands, Portugal and Hungary. In these and other countries drivers will have to pay three-digit fines.

Only in France and in several countries in Eastern Europe are fines smaller than in Germany. Therefore, purchasing a free-speaking device is worthwhile for drivers who are not willing to do without using their mobile phones in their cars, is the recommendation given by Mr. Bernhard Rohleder, managing director with BITKOM. GERMAN