Sales of personal computers up by 15 percent

In 2008 the number of personal computers sold will probably hit a new record high thanks to a sales boom with regard to portable personal computers. This is the prediction by a recent survey carried out by the German Association for Information Management, Telecommunications and New Media (BITKOM). According to this survey the number of personal computers sold in 2008 will have increased by 1.5 million units to 11.6 million which is an increase by 15% as compared to 2007. Due to fierce price competition, however, turnover is said to increase less rapidly than the number of pieces sold.

According to estimates by BITKOM, turnover generated by selling personal computers (PCs) is going to increase by 2.1% to 6.7 billion Euros in 2008. However, in order to evaluate the PC market more precisely it is necessary to subdivide it into the categories of portable computers (notebooks) and desktop PCs.

The number of notebooks sold will have rocketed by 26% to 7.2 million units sold according to the BITKOM forecast. Nowadays notebooks account for 62% and desktops for 38% of the total number of personal computers sold. This correlation was just the other way round just three years ago. The number of desktop computers sold, however, remains virtually unchanged as compared to 2007 and reaches 4.4 million units. There is a sound reason for this development: in the past twelve months alone prices for notebooks have fallen by 25%.

Notebook sales are additionally boosted by the fact that mobile internet access has become more widespread. 40% of all German households with internet access use wireless internet access. Furthermore, in Germany there are about 14.200 public WLAN hotspots which are public places such as airports, hotels or cafes which provide wireless internet access. GERMAN