Mobile data services booming

By the year 2012 more than 60% of mobile phones in Germany will function with UMTS and therefore provide their users with fast internet access, is the prediction by the German Association for Information Management, Telecommunications and New Media (BITKOM). Turnover generated by mobile data services in Germany without taking into account SMS and MMS services is therefore going to almost triple from 1.6 billion Euros in the year 2007 to 5.7 billion Euros in 2012. This is the finding of a study called “Mobile Life 2012” which was carried out jointly by BITKOM and the Goldmedia consulting firm.

Mobile business applications for companies as well as mobile entertainment play an important role in the growth of this market. “Mobile video, mobile games, mobile music and mobile advertising alone will reach a market volume of about 740 million Euros in the year 2012”, estimates Goldmedia managing director Dr. Klaus Goldhammer. “Thus, mobile entertainment will account for about 13% of total turnover generated by data servives.”

According to the Goldmedia study, mobile entertainment is going to be to a large extent financed through advertising. Thus, net proceeds from mobile phone advertising is said to increase from 96.9 million Euros this year to almost 300 million Euros in 2012.

“The mobile phone is already shaping our life today. In future it will even more be a technical device that organizes and strutures human communication at any one time both in the private and business sphere”, says Mr. Goldhammer. Even though the kind of usage of mobile phone services is different in different age groups, the indispensibility of mobile phones was going to increase even further. GERMAN