Majority of barkeepers are in favour of non-smoker protection

While in the German Länder the new laws on non-smoker protection are still being prepared a survey by the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) shows that most German gastronomers are in favour of these new laws. As was reported by the DIHK the number of non-smoker restaurants and inns with special designated smoking areas has almost doubled in Germany over the two recent years.

This stance of companies reflects the changed attitude of guests: »40% of all restaurants and inns and almost half of all hotels are in favour of a general ban on smoking«, says Martin Wansleben who is DIHK managing director. A ban with exceptions is considered to be useful by about one fifth of all gastronomy businesses. The percentage in favour of the introduction of voluntary restrictions on smoking is also about 20%. Only 10% of those questioned are against the introduction of any non-smoker protection laws.

According to the DIHK many businesses are already well prepared for the new laws. »Three in four companies offer for example designated non-smoking rooms or have installed special air ventilation systems«, describes Mr.Wansleben the current situation. According to the DIHK survey, designated non-smoker rooms are available in 44% of all gastronomy businesses and almost 10% of inns and restaurants are completely smoke-free.

Further information on the survey and non-smoker protection are available for download. GERMAN