Germans are optimistic in the short-term and sceptical in the long-run

In terms of exports German entrepreneurs are on the one hand even more confident than their European neighbours. But on the other hand the long-term economic development in the Euro zone is seen more sceptical than by Europe as a whole. This was revealed by a Deloitte survey „Made in Europe» on the future of Europe as an economic and production location. It also showed that most of the 200 European companies questioned would like to co-operate closer with universities and research institutions.

Furthermore Deloitte who are a financial auditor also found out that most of those companies interviewed are willing to generate an important part of their turnover outside Europe in the years to come. At the same time two thirds of those questioned said that they would also in the future produce and invest in their respective countries of origin.

The survey also clearly shows that most companies nowadays think pan-European or global. Instead of operating in national state-protected reservations they are ready to face up to international competition under equal conditions. In doing so, they rely on their own efficiency and innovative ability in order to assert themselves also against new competitors from the East.

The complete study is available for free-of-charge download. GERMAN