New study confirms Germany´s appeal as business location

Germany is leading in Europe and in fourth position on a global scale behind China, the US and India. 20% of all companies surveyed want to invest in Germany given that it combines productivity, work efficiency and innovational power. This is the finding of the »Standort Deutschland 2007« study conducted by the renowned Ernst & Young accounting firm. According to the study 39% of companies said that the business appeal of Germany had improved over the last year only 6% said that it had deteriorated.

Ernst & Young conducted the study by order of the Federal ministry of trade and commerce. In the course of the study 809 managers from international companies were questioned about their opinion on the business appeal of Europe. More detailed questions on the business location of Germany were put to another 206 foreign companies.

However, Germany was not only praised but also criticized due to little flexibility of the labor law, non-wage labour costs and tax burdens on companies.

The study is available for free-of-charge download. GERMAN