Collective wage increases in Germany smaller than in France

As compared to the year 2005 wages increased by 1.6% in Germany and by 2.8% in France in 2008. Thus, annual collective wage increases in Germany for the third time in a row were smaller than those in France. In the same period consumer price increases were 1.7% and 1.6% in Germany and France respectively. These figures were published by the Federal Statistical Office.

Most strongly on a monthly basis increased salaries in the goods-producing industry in Germany (+2.3%). This is due in particular to collective wage increases by 3.0% in the German metal industry which took effect on June 1st 2006. In France salaries in the goods-producing industry increased by 2.7%. Even though this increase was higher than in Germany, it was only average in France taken into account the increase in other lines of business there.

The biggest collective wage increases in France (on average 3.2%) could be obtained by employees in the construction industry. One reason for this was the great demand by French building contractors for qualified personnel. In Germany wages increased by 1.1% in the building industry.

Particularly striking are collective wage increase differences in the mining industry (Germany: +0.3%; France: +2.7%) and energy and water supply industry (Germany: +0.6%; France: +2.8%). GERMAN