Unemployment down by another 20.9 percent compared to 2006

Today the Federal Statistical Office reported that the number of gainfully employed people rose by 1.4 percent (560.000 people) in April 2007 as compared to April 2006. At the same time the number of jobless people fell by 730.000 in April 2007. This corresponds to a decrease in unemployment of 20.9% compared to April 2006. Thus, the current unemployment rate for Germany amounts to 6.6%.

This positive development can only partly be explained in terms of seasonal influences and is, according to experts of the Federal Statistical Office, mainly due to cyclical economic factors.

The number of gainfully employed people rose significantly by 157.000 (+0.4%) in April this year compared to the previous month. Even the adjusted-for-season figure still shows a plus of 35.000 people. Thus, the number of employed people continues rising.
According to preliminary calculations, there were 39.25 million gainfully employed people residing in Germany in April 2007. The Federal Statistical Office reports that this number is the highest ever witnessed in April in reunified Germany.

The share of underemployed people fell by 1.3% as compared to April 2006 according to calculations by the Federal Statistical Office. 11.8% of all gainfully employed people said that they would work more hours, if their salaries were adjusted accordingly. GERMAN