Ebusiness counselling paid for by Federal ministry

The Federal ministry for economic affairs and technology (BMWI) sponsors counselling on the implementation of e-business for small and medium-sized entities (SMEs). This initiative is to give unbiased and manufacturer-independent advice to SMEs operating in the consumer products industry on the opportunities, obstacles and solutions provided by e-business applications and to provide them with clear guidance for action on e-business projects carried out in the entrepreneurial practice.

In the course of the initiative SMEs for one day will be given counselling on their premises which also includes comprehensive preparatory steps as well as a debriefing. The counselling will be tailored to the individual needs of the company in question. This comprises e.g. general basic information, training of staff on the basics of e-business such as (ILN, EAN, EDI, EANCOM, main files etc. or information on special applications such as EAN 128 or the importance of ECR or process standards like GS1 Germany. The knowledge of all these aspects will be very useful to companies in integrating e-business into their work processes.

The counselling initiative is part of the Prozeus project and apart from an administrative fee amounting to 200 Euros (plus VAT) there will be no additional costs. The whole counselling package is worth 1.400 Euros. The difference of 1.200 Euros will be paid for by the Federal ministry for economic affairs and technology. The offer is available to all consumer goods producing companies and all related branches of industry which are SMEs as defined by EU legislation (up to 250 employees and a maximum annual turnover of 50 million Euros). Registrations can be submitted here. GERMAN