Sales department of high importance for success on the market

Turnover is generated solely by the sales department! Despite its importance, however, the sales department quite often scrapes a very modest existence within companies. Nevertheless an optimal market absorption is only possible if adequate distribution channels are used. “Benefiting from an optimized sales process and motivated employees using all possible distribution channels any company will be able to improve its results” says Dr. Jürgen Kaack, consultant, writer and managing director of the STZ consulting group in his latest “M´BlogDocument 0611 – The optimum sales process – a competitive edge“.

On 26 pages – which represents our most extensive brochure so far – Dr. Kaack gives advice on how to optimize the sales process. Among other things there is a comprehensive check list containing seven pages. In particular small and medium-sized entities will profit on the easily understandable and practice-orientated analyses, comments and explanations. The PDF brochure (1.6 MB) is available for free-of-charge-download. GERMAN