Legal form of EEIG facilitates European-wide co-operations

“The legal form of the EWIV applied in daily business” – this is the subject matter of a conference on the legal form of the EEIG (European Economic Interest Grouping) which will take place on the 22nd September 2006 in Vienna.

This legal form is still quite unknown and yet a highly interesting construct in particular for small and medium-sized companies doing business on a European scale: EEIG was brought into being back in 1989 on the iniative of some French members of the European Parliament as a legal form for European co-operations modelled on the French G.i.e. (groupement d´intérêt économique). Important pan-European projects such as Airbus and the credit card system Carte bleue work on the principles of this very legal form.

Companies co-operating in an EEIG are provided with quite a lot of advantages: They are exempt from corporate tax and eligible for simplified accountancy. Information on how to set up and run an EEIG is offered by the Europäische EWIV-Informationszentrum by means of a guide in German. Also very useful is the article “Rechtsform mit vielen Freiheiten: Mit einer EWIV europaweit kooperieren” by Hans-Jürgen Zahorka published in the 1/2005 issue of the LEADERforum.

The Vienna conference will shed light on legal, fiscal and managerial aspects of the EEIG. One main focus will be on the co-operation with countries from Central and Eastern Europe. For further information on the agenda and registration please visit the Web site by Libertas. GERMAN