ESA sponsors small and medium-sized companies with up to 300.000 Euro

The European Space Agency ESA is continuing with its “Start-Up Project Initiative. This iniative aims at making satellite comunication (SATCOM) accessible to small and medium-sized companies which in general are unable to bear the technical and economic risks of projects based on satellite technology.

The sponsoring is offered in two versions: For projects involving innovative technology, which are still at an initial stage and entail high risks, up to 300.000 Euro per project can be made available. Sample projects on the basis of already existing technologies are sponsored with up to 150.000 Euro. In addition to the financial support the initiative also arranges contacts with pilot customers and expert networks.

Eligible for taking part in this sponsoring programme are small and medium-sized companies from Germany, Finland, France, Greece, the Netherlands, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and Spain. More information can be obtained from the
ESA Web site and the “User Support Office”. GERMAN