Platform as a Service: The complete app launch pad

The course is set for more and more IT to be outsourced. Decision-makers should know this if cloud integration is on the agenda – especially with components such as PaaS, which in itself gives companies more impetus and digital agility. 

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a fundamental cornerstone of plans to make optimum use of IT resources, and a tuning tool for IT departments that develop web applications.

Corporate apps are one example. In an Oracle survey, 81% of respondents at global firms indicated that it is already vital for their companies to develop and deploy such applications. However, more than half had doubts as to whether their businesses are sufficiently capable of doing so! What PaaS makes possible is something that sounds incredible: mobile app development by analysts, without coding. Managers can drag-and-drop to integrate data. Executives can display statistics and suchlike for themselves. This is quite a radical simplification.

Faster, more efficient – and often cheaper, too

Web developers with PaaS do not need any special software or hardware specifically intended for such purposes. The external platform also covers the entire software life cycle, from basic design and testing through to live operation. Clearly internal resources can be put to better use in their core areas. Faster innovation, higher productivity and lower costs are the benefits of this cloud solution.

To provide the company with better output, what web developers need for an app are things like a short-term test environment which resembles the future product environment as closely as possible. Customers also benefit immediately when work on new versions of the application can continue during roll-out, even though turbulent situations may involve smaller changes being applied several times a day.

The software to which the cloud lends itself is an issue that can be easily settled in direct contact with the vendor or provider. Robert Shimp, VP of Product Marketing at Oracle, is certainly confident: “PaaS simply gives you the biggest bang for your buck in terms of innovation and adaptability.”