Mobile marketing: Mobile advertising promises growth rates of more than 30%

Mobile advertising will account for 50.2% of advertising spending on the Internet in 2018. The budget will thus rise to a total of US$ 114 billion, which corresponds to an annual growth rate of 32%.

These are the figures being predicted by the agency ZenithOptimedia in its latest “Advertising Expenditure Forecast”. Mobile advertising should thus come in second place behind television advertising, which is expected to account for around US$ 215 billion in 2018. This year the figure is US$ 206 billion.

Television is currently still the medium that accounts for the highest advertising expenditure worldwide. TV advertising has a market share of 38%. But that is expected to change: the Internet will supposedly have caught up and have taken over the leading position by 2018. Television advertising, in contrast, should accordingly decline to a share of about 35%. Search engine advertising is primarily responsible for this, according to ZenithOptimedia. Considering the forms of advertising, audio-visual advertising – i.e. TV commercials and online videos – is expected to command a share of 48.4% this year, and to rise to 48.9% by 2018. (Source: ZenithOptimedia/rf)