Customer Experience: Oracle optimises its Marketing Cloud

According to Forrester Research, more than three quarters of marketing decision-makers believe that their digital customer communications could run more smoothly. Oracle has now enhanced the Marketing Cloud with several new features in order to provide a better customer experience and increased sales figures.

With the help of improved additional tools, companies can manage mobile interaction with their customers and employees in sales and allocate sales to specific marketing measures. Among other things, the Engage and Profiler sales tools in the new release of Oracle Marketing Cloud received an upgrade, so that sales employees can better understand their customer contacts and supply them with relevant content. The Engage tool now leads to quicker sales, which means that pre-packaged campaigns and context can be transferred to customers’ end devices.

The Oracle Marketing Cloud will support the interplay of various different channels using standard in-app messaging with email, social media, push notifications, SMS and MMS. A self-service tool for integrating customer information sends data from the Oracle Data Management Platform (DMP) to the most important advertising and media platforms. This enables marketers, publishers and advertising clients to maximise their investments quickly and efficiently and further expand their data-driven marketing methods.

Performance tests also simulate up to eight versions of the same message in order to analyse customer interaction. A dashboard displays which content and interactions lead to the highest conversion rates. (Source: Oracle/bs)