Modulo Risk Manager NG: Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance Solution

Modulo announced the availability of its next generation GRC management solution. Modulo Risk Manager NG is now available for fast and cost-effective deployment in the cloud as software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution.

This new release of Risk Manager ought to offer users multiple languages as well as an easy-to-use web-based interface and platform. These new features combined with the core strengths of the fully integrated Risk Manager platform ought to provide customers with immediate value by reducing the complexities and cost inherent in GRC management.

“This new version of Risk Manager has evolved over the last 3 years using the latest web and cloud technologies available. Modulo NG brings together product innovation based on feedback from more than 1,000 customers, 25 years experience in the GRC space and builds on 10 years development of our first generation GRC platform”, says Jeff Kushner, Modulo’s Director of Marketing.

Modulo Risk Manager NG ought to give enterprises the visibility they need to manage both business and IT processes using a standardized approach. It ought to provide the platform to consistently and repeatably demonstrate multi-regulatory compliance, pass demanding audits and reduce increasing security threats before they cause costly damage to the organization while eliminating duplication of effort through automation.

According to Modulo enhancements of this new release include:

  • comprehensive multi-language web based platform for a consistent user experience across policy management, assessment, evaluation and remediation
  • improved user portal, role based access control and dashboards to improve the efficiency and accountability of enterprise GRC management
  • advanced “what if” modeling to proactively manage acceptable risks and choose remediation paths with the greatest pay-off by predicting the impacts of implemented vs. non-implemented controls against policies
  • enhanced policy management that visually maps policies and regulations to controls to quickly identify risks and compliance gaps
  • scalable control collection architecture to audit and enforce polices in the most distributed and graphically dispersed environments
  • expanded and continuously updated practices and authoritative sources which provides guidance to understand and remediate risks
  • optimized remediation and workflow to proactively manage and escalate compliance gaps and unacceptable enterprise risk
  • addition of GRC Integration Service Foundation Application Program Interface (API) to ease the task of integrating home grown and commercial applications like Qualys for more comprehensive GRC

Modulo recently received a ‘Positive’ rating in Gartner’s 2010 MarketScope on IT Governance, Risk and Compliance Management – one of 12 vendors evaluated on market understanding, customer experience, product strategy, sales execution and operations. According to Gartner: “The IT governance, risk and compliance management (IT GRCM) market comprises vendors that provide software products that help organizations proactively measure and manage their IT technology and process controls.” (Source: Modulo/GST)