Sprite Terminator for Android: Anti-Theft Solution for Android Phones

Sprite Software today announced its Terminator anti-theft for Android software is now available. Sprite Terminator ought to allow users to remotely wipe data, lock, backup or track their mobile device. The solution was designed to address growing security concerns in the enterprise market where mobile devices create a high data risk.

“Lost phones represent one of our customers largest concerns”, explained Julian Rayner, CEO, Sprite Software. “Whoever has access to your phone has access to your email, personal pictures, corporate documents, text messages and other sensitive information.”

Sprite Terminator ought to reduce data risk by allowing users or administrators to remotely initiate a data wipe. This can be done with an SMS message sent directly to the device or optionally through a secure termination portal on the Sprite Software site. The application also ought to have the unique ability to delete external storage cards. If a phone is lost, Terminator ought to allow users to find it and track it using Google Maps. Terminator will also lock the phone if an unauthorized SIM tries to be used, stopping a thief from using your phone.

Android Terminator Features:

  • remote phone lock
  • remote phone wipe
  • remote external storage card wipe
  • location reporting
  • SIM change notification and lock
  • remote full Device Backup

“We are proud to be the only company offering cross platform security solutions for Google Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, BlackBerry, J2ME and iPhone”, says Rayner. (Source: Sprite Software/GST)