Deepnet Mobile ID for Android: Android Phones Act as One-Time Password Tokens

Deepnet Security today announces support for Android phones on its mobile One-Time Password application, Mobile ID. Deepnet Mobile ID for Android application ought to enable users to transform their Android mobile phones into a One-Time Password (OTP) security token, providing strong authentication without the need to deploy or carry any additional, dedicated hardware tokens.

“Deepnet Mobile ID is one of the most popular OTP tokens used by customers world wide. With the support of Android phones, Mobile ID now works on all mobile phones including iPhone, Blackberry,Windows Mobile phones”, says Yurong Lin, CEO, Deepnet Security.

According to Yurong Lin users of Android mobile phones can now use Deepnet Mobile ID together with Deepnet Unified Authentication Platform to protect their business applications with two-factor authentication.

Android phone users can download Deepnet Mobile ID for Android for free. (Source: Deepnet Security Limited/GST)