MXI Stealth HD Series: USB Hard Disk Receives FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Validation

MXI Security today introduced the Stealth HD Series of encrypted USB hard drives. Replacing the Outbacker MXP Series, the Stealth HD Series is powered by MXI Security’s Bluefly Portable Security Processor. Bluefly recently received FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validation (Certificate number 1269), making the Stealth HD Series the first and only USB hard drives to offer this level of security.

Bluefly’s anti-malware features, including its read-only mode of operation, ought to protect the Stealth HD Series from all attackers. With the optional Access Antivirus Scanner, user data and host systems ought to be shielded from all forms of malware.

More versatile and secure than standard USB devices, the Stealth HD and Stealth HD Bio (includes biometric features) adress government agencies and organizations that require high-capacity secure storage for portable data or even Secure USB Desktop (SUDs).

The Stealth HD features AES 256-bit transparent hardware encryption for up to 500 GByte of user data, with the Stealth HD Bio adding strong biometric and password multi-factor authentication. The entire Stealth HD product line also offers digital identity and PKI token services ranging from RSA SecurID and OATH OTP to on-board key generation, digital signatures, and secure key & certificate containers.

All Stealth HD products can accommodate up to ten separately-secured user accounts and offer advanced management capabilities through MXI’s Access Enterprise device management software. (Source: MXI Security /GST)