Current crisis changes expectations on the ideal company

The current deep crisis inevitably changes the ideas people have about the way the economy should ideally function. Expectations people have with regard to businesses, institutions and brands are changing significantly and increasingly comprise social and political claims. This was revealed in the course of a study by BBDO Consulting which is an international strategy consulting firm. In the course of a recent study 1000 German citizens over 16 years of age were interviewed on their values and their expectations of the ideal business.

In the course of the survey it turned out that profit maximization (65 %) and power (56 %) are those attributes which most mark the current German society in the opinion of respondents. On the other hand, people would like to see credibility (57 %), security and responsibility (56 %) as well as equal opportunities (54 %) and family friendliness (53 %). Health, work places and ensuring of economic security and wellbeing should be the societal priorities in the opinion of the majority of those interviewed.

The German population is increasingly in favour of family values, public welfare and simplicity while „elbow mentality“, performance and property are seen to be less important. 94 % demand “more responsibility for each other”. With regard to personal values the top priorities are sincerity (71 %), security (65 %) and trust (63 %).

This survey also reveals that people attach increasing importance to their family lives and social networks. Everything which cannot be controlled personally seems to be insecure and incontrollable. Individuality (22 %) and social status (16 %) become more irrelevant. Risk taking is welcomed by just 3% of respondents. Even religion does not provide a genuine point of reference any more (9 %).

Expectations on businesses in general

With regard to expectations on the “ideal business” there has been a clear shift over the past two years. Businesses are now expected to be more “humane” (95 % of people said so). This is an increase by 6 percent. Willingness to excel is seen to be important by 40% of respondents which was a decrease by 4 percent. Humane ideals, closeness to clients and trust are those attributes which grew most in importance. The ideal business is virtually to become a „part of the family“.

Also important from the client’s perspective are a good price-performance-ratio (88 %), high quality (87 %) and listening to customer needs. GERMAN