Online advertising market growing by 11.2 percent

Despite the current economic crisis online advertising is booming: in the first quarter 2009 turnover generated through online advertising amounted to 340 million Euros in Germany which was an increase by 11.2 % as compared to the first quarter in 2008. These figures were found out by the Thomson Media Control market research institute. It seems that businesses rely on online advertising even more in times of crisis. According to BITKOM, the effect of online advertising is particularly great due to the fact that this medium is used interactively and target groups can be precisely addressed.

According to the findings by Thomson Media Control the most important online advertising clients were once more telecommunications service providers and operators of online services which accounted for 86 million Euros in turnover generated in the first quarter 2009. Also among the top five generators of turnover are tourism and gastronomy having an online advertising budget of 46.1 million Euros at their disposal, followed by entertainment and media businesses with 43.5 million Euros, trade and mail order businesses with 41.6 million Euros as well as the finance industry with 40.6 million Euros.

In the year 2008 the German market for traditional online advertising generated a new record of 1.3 billion Euros in turnover which was an increase by 29 % on the year 2007. Net turnover generated through graphical online advertising reached 976 million Euros then. GERMAN