Retail sale trade turnover down by 1.5 percent in March

In March 2009 German retail trade sale figures were down by 1.8% (nominally) and 1.5% (really) as compared to March 2008. In comparison with February 2009 turnover was down by 1.4% and 1.0% respectively after adjustment for season and calendar. Taking into account the first quarter 2009, turnover generated by the German retail sale trade was down by 3.1% and 3.2% respectively as compared to the first quarter last year.

Retail sale trade in foodstuffs, beverages and tobacco goods generated 2.6% (nominally) and 3.0% (in real figures) less turnover in March this year than in March last year. For supermarkets, department stores and consumer markets the respective changes were -2.5% and -2.8%. In the field of specialized trade in foodstuffs drops in turnover amounted to -3.7% and -5.4% respectively in March as compared to March 2008.

In the non-food sector turnover was down by -0.4 % in March this year as compared to March 2008. The only exception was internet and mail order trade as well as retail sale trade in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and medicinal products for which turnover increased by 3.1% (nominally) and 0.6% (really) as compared to March 2008. GERMAN