Less online job ads in March

According to the Monster.de online job market the number of job vacancies published online was down in March following a recovery in February. The “Monster Employment Index” for Germany fell by 4 points to 121 points. This is particularly due to decreasing demand for engineers (-26 points) and specialists in the field of industry (-15 points).

Most seriously affected by the current economic crisis is the demand for engineers which fell by 26 index points in March and hit as low a point as in April 2005 for the last time. Demand by industry lost 15 index points in March. In the health sector, however, there is an opposite development: here the index of online job ads increased by 20 with academics and technicians being in particularly high demand.

For the service sector and sales people the index fell by -7 points. Less demand is particularly felt in gastronomy and tourism which is quite unusual for spring time. Demand for office staff, on the other hand, increased by 21 points whereas demand for executives remained unchanged.

Demand fell particularly in North Rhine Westphalia and Bavaria (-16 points and -13 points respectively). For the Saarland and Mecklenburg Western-Pomerania, however, there was a slight increase in the number of online job ads (+3 and +1 point respectively) which was due to more demand in IT and management.

The “Monster Employment Index” each month analyses the number of job ads published for Germany on the internet by taking into account 280 company websites as well as more than ten online job markets. GERMAN