Demand for further training growing rapidly in Germany

The demand for further training has been growing significantly since the beginning of this year. This is demonstrated by a new index provided by IWWB which is a search engine for courses on further education. The index analyses visits to data bases on further education since the summer last year which reflect the demand for further training among the population in Germany.

Since the scope of the current economic crisis had become apparent for the first time in September 2008, demand for further training fell significantly up to the end of 2008. When the number of people working short-time started growing at the beginning of 2009 from about 290,000 in January to approximately 700,000 in February the demand for further training grew rapidly as well. As compared to December 2008 the number of visits to further training data bases increased by 63% by the end of February this year.

The results of the seventh online survey carried out by the IWWB are available as a power point presentation for free-of-charge download. GERMAN