Travel booking over the internet more and more popular in Germany

About 16.3 million Germans already bought a plain ticket over the internet. About 13 million already booked a hotel room over the internet. Data provided by the German Association for Information Management, Telecommunications and New Media (BITKOM) show how important the internet has become for the tourist industry. Many travellers appreciate the advantages of booking over the internet. In many cases booking over the internet is not only more cost-efficient, but also more convenient than booking in a traditional travel agency.

Even rental cars are quite often much cheaper if booked over the internet. Many rental car businesses even offer special online rental prices. Therefore, it is not surprising that 7 billion Germans have already at least once booked a car over the internet. 7.2 million Germans already booked a package trip online.

Online booking is particularly popular in the age bracket between 30 and 49 years in which 32.9% of people already booked a plain ticket, 24.5% an overnight stay and 18.1% a train ticket. With regard to package trips and rental cars the percentage of online bookers in this age bracket reaches 15.1% and 16% respectively. GERMAN