Sales in German wholesale trade up by 3.0 percent in 2008

According to estimates by the Federal Statistical Office, turnover generated in the German wholesale trade increased by 8.4% and 3.0% in nominal and real terms respectively in the year 2008 as compared to the previous year. This was an increase for the sixth year in a row. In December 2008 turnover was up by 1.4% and 6.1% respectively in comparison with December 2007. The respective changes in comparison with November were -1.7% and -0.2%.

In four important fields of wholesale trade turnover increased both nominally and really in December 2008 as compared to December 2007: wholesale trade in consumer goods and consumer durables (+6.5% nominally and +5.6% in real terms), in foodstuffs, beverages and tobacco goods (+7.1% and +6.5% respectively), wholesale trade in basic materials from agriculture (+12.4% and +50.0% respectively) as well as other kinds of wholesale trade (+9.7% and +12.0% respectively).

Figures for wholesale trade in machinery, equipment and accessories were down both in nominal (-4.2%) and real (-2.2%) terms in December 2008 as compared to December 2007. GERMAN