Less activity in the European construction industry

Output in the construction industry of the Eurozone (EZ15) fell by 1.1% (adjusted for season) in November 2008 as compared to October last year. In the EU27 the decrease amounted to 1.6%. The respective figures for October last year were -0.1% and +0.5%. In comparison with November 2007 output fell by 4.7% in the Eurozone and by 4.2% in the EU27. These figures were published by the European Statistical Office (Eurostat).

Monthly changes

Among those European member states which already made data available there were three countries where output in the construction industry increased. In eight member states output fell and in two countries, Germany and Great Britain, it remained unchanged. Increases were registered in Sweden (+1.2%), Slovakia (+1.1%) and Romania (+0.8%); the biggest drops were suffered by Slovenia (-20.3%), Portugal (-6.5%) and Bulgaria (-6.1%).

In structural engineering, output fell by 0.9% and 1.5% in the Eurozone and EU27 respectively. For civil and underground engineering the respective figures were -0.7% and -2.0%.

Annual changes

Output increased in five member states and fell in eight. The biggest increases were registered in Slovakia (+16.5%), Romania (+13.8%) and Poland (+7.0%). The biggest drops in Spain (-9.7%), Slovenia (-8.2%) and Great Britain (-6.3%).

In structural engineering, output fell by 5.2% and 4.6% in the Eurozone and EU27 respectively. In civil engineering by 4.7% and 2.5% respectively. GERMAN