Germany remains export world champion

According to Mr. Anton F. Börner, who is the chairman of the German Association of wholesale and retail trade (BGA), Germany is the world´s leading exporting country in the year 2008. Furthermore, turnover generated through exports is expected to exceed the barrier of on trillion Euros for the first time ever. “Even though in November and December exports and imports decreased, they did not drop very much”, says Mr. Börner with regard to the current economic crisis. For the year 2008 as a whole the BGA expects exports to grow by about 4%.

“All in all we expect the German economy to shrink in 2009. However, Germany will get off lightly. Germany is the market leader with regard to investment goods and has the technologies of the future. Furthermore, fuel prices will fall which will lead to the saving of billions of Euros. Combined with worldwide programmes to boost the economy and expected tax cuts within Germany the German economy is set to gain momentum again next year”, said Mr. Börner. GERMAN