Bavaria offers most economic freedom

The Friedrich-Naumann foundation has carried out a new study on economic freedom in the German Federal states. It turned out that Bavaria once again is the region which offers most economic freedom. Baden-W├╝rttemberg comes second in this respect. In the Federal landers in the east of Germany economic freedom is more restricted than in the west, in particular due to the fact that public authorities interfere more in the economy in the east than in the west of Germany.

Among the landers in the east economic freedom is highest in Brandenburg and Thuringia. “Berlin came last in this ranking”, said Dr. Detmar Doering, director of the foundation, “because public consumption is particularly high there and because Berlin pays a lot of subsidies and because particularly many people are employed by the public sector there.”

Here the ranking (rank from last year in brackets):

1. (1) Bavaria
2. (2) Baden-Wurttemberg
3. (3) Schleswig-Holstein
4. (4) Rhineland-Palatinate
5. (6) Lower Saxony
6. (5) Hesse
7. (7) Saarland
8. (8) Hamburg
9. (9) North Rhine-Westphalia
10. (11) Bremen
11. (12) Thuringia
12. (10) Brandenburg
13. (13) Mecklenburg Western-Pomerania
14. (15) Saxony-Anhalt
15. (14) Saxony
16. (16) Berlin

The complete study is available for free-of-charge download from the internet. GERMAN