Online advertising market growing by 44 percent

In the period from January to September 2008 net turnover generated through graphical online advertising increased to 1.4 billion Euros which is a plus by 44.4% as compared to the same period last year. It seems that the online advertising market continues growing despite the economic uncertainties and in contrast to shrinking advertising spending on traditional media.

This is the conclusion drawn by BITKOM on the occasion of the Media Days in Munich last week following a survey carried out by Thomson Media Control market research institute.

BITKOM president Prof. August-Wilhelm Scheer said that the increase in the online advertising business on the one hand was accompanied by less business with regard to traditional advertising.

In particular telecommunications providers and internet platforms were the driving factors in the advertising market over the first nine months this year. These invested almost 370 million Euros in graphical online advertising which is an increase by 147 million Euros or 66% as compared to the year 2007. They were followed by mail order businesses which paid 255 million Euros for banners, pop-ups and streaming ads which corresponds to an increase by 37.2%. Among the top five advertiser are also banks and financial service providers (153 million Euros, +40.2%), media and entertainment businesses (152 million Euros, +24.9 %) as well as the car industry (106 million Euros, +10.4%). GERMAN