Production in construction industry almost stabile in the EU

In the European construction industry only slight changes happened in August 2008. After adjustments for season, output increased by 0.1% in the Eurozone (EZ15) and fell by 0.2% in the EU27. As compared to August last year the respective changes were -2.5% and -1.5%.

In the period between February and August this year output slightly fell. All Data on August are just the result of preliminary calculations by the European Statistical Office (Eurostat).

Monthly changes

In six member states output in the construction industry increased and fell in seven member countries. The biggest increases were registered in Germany (+5.5%), Romania (+2.4%) and Spain (+1.4%) whereas the most significant reductions were to be found in Portugal (-6.6%), Slovenia (-4.9%) and Bulgaria (-4.7%).

Annual changes

Output increased in nine member states and fell in four. It grew most in Romania (+28.5%), Slovakia (+10.4%) and Slovenia (+9.3%) and fell most in Spain (-8.4%) and Portugal (-6.3%). GERMAN