Still 100.000 vacant positions for apprentices in German handicraft businesses

There are currently still more than vacant 10.000 positions for apprentices in German handicraft companies. This is the finding of a survey organized by the association of German handicraft businesses (ZDH) among 54 chambers of commerce. The main reason for this is said to be applicants who are not sufficiently prepared, according to the ZDH. Therefore many positions in particular for attractive and demanding professions such as metal workers and electronic technicians, or car mechatronics technicians, plant mechanics and opticians could not be filled. Even the chambers of commerce in the east of Germany still report about 1.500 vacancies.

“This clearly shows that many school leavers do not have the required skills for a demanding handicraft apprenticeship. Thus, the Federal Länder have to draw the right conclusions quickly”, demands Mr. Otto Kentzler who is the chairman of the ZDH. If in the years to come the number of school leavers is to continue falling so rapidly, it has at least to be made sure that these school leavers be well prepared for an apprenticeship. The corresponding proposals had been made by German handicraft businesses, e.g. co-operation between handicraft businesses and schools or obligatory preparatory schools.

As of July 31st the number of apprenticeship contracts in Germany was still very high and amounted to more than 86.000. Despite a slow-down in the economy the number of apprentices could still be increased. This is also true for the number of companies which take on apprentices.

After the start of the year of training chambers of commerce are now starting to fill positions which provide young people with basic qualifications. To those school leavers who have theoretical knowledge gaps or so far not found an apprenticeship this is a good opportunity to find a regular training post later on. GERMAN