Turnover in German hotel and restaurant industry down by 0.6%

In May 2008 businesses in the German hotel and restaurant industry as a whole generated +1.9% more turnover in nominal terms and 0.6% less turnover in real figures as compared to May 2007. Over the one-month-period since April 2008, turnover increased by 1.2% and 1.0% respectively in May after adjustments for calendar and season.

The Federal Statistical Office reported that the hotel industry in Germany generated more turnover both in nominal and real terms in May 2008 as compared to May last year (+2.8% and +0.2% respectively). In the restaurant industry, however, the respective figures were +1.5% and -0.9% and for cantines and caterers +0.2% and -2.3%.

In the period from January to May 2008 the hotel and restaurant industry generated +1.3% and -1.4% in nominal and real terms respectively as compared to the same period last year. GERMAN