Support for engineers facilitates their professional re-entry

In order to fight a lack of specialists in the field of mechanical engineering, electrical and information technology, the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) supports measures to improve the further training for engineers which due to family obligations did not work for a longer period of time. The new project called “return2job” will operate in the fields of informatics, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering qualifying engineers over a period of 15 months.

This new project consists of a tight correspondence course and a three-month internship and imparts the latest expert knowledge, gives far-ranging qualifications and provides contacts with potential employers. Thus, from July onwards 30 engineers will be selected through a selection process and from September 2008 will have the opportunity to take part in this project. The project is sponsored with about 410.000 Euro by the BMBF and the European Social Fund (ESF) and carried out as part of a programme for academics by the Otto Benecke foundation.

Those interested can obtain more information on important deadlines and pre-conditions from the website of the Otto Benecke foundation. GERMAN