43 percent of all IT jobs available in Bavaria

Currently job prospects for IT experts are as bright as they have not been for many years. And this applies to both experienced experts and young graduates. There is currently a lack of 43.000 experts in informatics in Germany. However, the job opportunities differ according to region: ninety percent of all vacancies are to be found in the south and west of Germany, in particular in Bavaria from which currently come 43% of all vacancies in the IT field.

The above facts as well as those below are findings of the “IT-Jobscout 2008″ study by the PPI AG consulting company which analysed online job offers provided by the 100 most important IT companies.

IT experts not wishing to move to Bavaria are also offered very good IT job opportunities in Baden-Württemberg, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia. In all these German regions there is an above-average demand for IT experts. In the north and the east of Germany, however, there is a shortage of IT job offers. Just 8% of all job offers come from these regions. Only in Berlin (3.2% of all vacancies) and Hamburg (2.3%) the demand for IT experts is higher and stands out against this in general dissatisfying situation in the east and west of Germany.

There are regional differences with regard to several IT job aspects. While Bavarian companies are looking for experts for all IT fields, there is a demand for specific kinds of IT experts only in other regions. Companies from Baden-Württemberg, for instance, are looking for specialist in IT architecture and project management while companies in Hesse need consultants and sales experts.

Taking into account the whole of Germany in can be said that experienced specialists in the field of IT counselling are most sought for. About one third of all job offers come from this sector. Also in high demand are experts in the fields of application design and IT architecture. In the field of hardware development or quality management, on the other hand, the demand for new personnel is relatively small. GERMAN