Whole sale trade turnover slightly down

The German whole sale trade business generated turnover in February this year which was 12.5% (in nominal figures) and 7.5% (in real figures) higher than in February 2007. In comparison with January 2008, however, it fell by 0.9% (in nominal terms) and by 1.1% in real terms. This and the following was revealed through preliminary calculations carried out by the Federal Statistical Office.

Five out of the six major wholesale trade sectors generated more turnover in February 2008 both nominally and really as compared with February last year. The biggest real increase was registered in the whole trade with machines, equipment and accessories which amounted to +19.1% (+15.2% in nominal terms). Only in the wholesale trade with agricultural basic materials and livestock there was a real decrease by -0.6% in turnover in February (+31.3% in nominal terms). GERMAN