German online dating services generate a turnover of 85 million Euros

A very lucrative business model are partner finding sites on the internet. The operators of such sites were able to increase their turnover by 29% in the year 2007. Germans spent 85 million Euros on finding a partner online. This was revealed by a market study carried out by the Jupiter Research market research institute. For 2008, another increase to 103 million Euros is predicted.

In many other countries people also appreciate the possibilities provided by the internet to find one’s dream partner: in Western Europe turnover is expected to increase from 317 million Euros to 393 million Euros in 2008.

Currently about 6.3 million Germans visit online dating services each month. This figure is the finding of another study by the Comscore market research institute on behalf of BITKOM. In the whole of Europe the number of internet users visiting such sites amounts to 33.5 million each month. GERMAN