Volume of domain trading up by 60 percent

In the year 2007 the domain market, i.e. the trade in internet addresses for homepages and websites grew at a breathtaking pace. This was confirmed by a yearly study carried out by the Sedo domain trading network. Thus, the trade volume increased by 60% last year. While in the year 2006 the money spent on domains amounted to 30.7 million Euros, this sum increased to more than 49 million in 2007. The market study in question is available for download from the internet.

Surprising is that the value of those domains which were in the past considered to be exotic ones such as the Spanish “.es” or British “.co.uk” addresses has increased. A few years ago most domain purchasers were mostly focused on “.com” domains. For the year 2008 Sedo expects another shift in the preferences of purchasers. GERMAN