8 percent more overnight stays in November

German tourism is gaining momentum: According to provisional calculations by the Federal Statistical Office, hotels with at least nine beds and camping sites registered 22.9 million overnight stays in November 2007 which is a 8 percent increase in comparison with November 2006. As compared with October 2007 the number of overnight stays increased by +2%.

The number of overnight stays by Germans increased by 8% in the period from November 2006 to November 2007 to 19.4 million and that of overnight stays by foreigners by 6% to 3.4 million.

It turned out that the increase happened in particular with regard to camping sites, holiday houses and holiday flat as well as recreation and holiday homes: in all these categories combined the number of overnight stays increased by 12% to 4.0 million. In the hotel business the number of overnight stays amounted to 15.1 million which is 7% more than in November 2006. In rehab hospitals overnight stays increased by 6% to 3.7 million.

For the period from January to November 2007 the number of overnight stays amounted to almost 340.9 million which is 3% more than in the same period 2006. Of this number 289.7 million were by German tourists and 51.1 million by foreign guests which is an increase by +3% each.

According to estimates there might thus have been about 360 million overnight stays for the whole year 2007 which would be an increase by about 3% as compared to 2006. GERMAN