EU wants to promote innovation through pilot markets

In six particularly important so-called pilot markets the EU Commission wants to remove obstacles hampering innovation. This includes the markets for electronic health services, protection textiles, sustainable constructions, recycling, bio products and renewable energies.

In particular the EU wants to improve and promote statutory provisions, public procurement and the development of mutually compatible standards in these markets. The selection of these pilot markets is made according to the potential of these markets to give to the EU a leading global role on global markets, says Mr. Günter Verheugen who is the EU´s commissioner for industry.

These six pilot markets are currently generating an annual turnover of more than 120 billion Euros and provide jobs for 1.9 million people in the EU. By the year 2020 they might generate even more than 300 billion Euros and provide more than 3 million jobs.

Detailed information on this initiative is available on the internet. GERMAN