Wholesale prices up by 5.7 percent in November

In November this year, according to the Federal Statistical Office, wholesale prices were 5.7% higher than in November 2006. This means that prices increased much more than in October and September this year (+4.7% and +4.0%). In comparison to October this year wholesale prices increased by 1.0%.

The increase was particularly significant for prices for corn, seeds and fodder (+50.2%). Prices for milk, dairy products, eggs and cooking oil increased too (+25.6%) as compared to November last year. Prices for solid fuels and mineral oil products were up by 17.9%. Office equipment, on the other hand, was less expensive than in November last year (-13.7%).

Over recent months prices for milk, dairy products, eggs and cooking oil have been constantly increasing. Since February 2007, there has been a total price increase of 25.7% for these products. Corn, seeds and fodder became cheaper lately (-3.1%). Flour and cereals, on the other hand, were 1.3% more expensive in November than in the previous month.

Solid fuels and mineral oil products were also more expensive in November compared to October (+7.5%). Since January this year the total price increase for these products has been 20.0%. Ore, iron, steel, non-ferrous metals and the semi-finished products thereof were cheaper for the fifth time in a row (-0.8%) which brings the overall price fall here to 2.8% since June 2007. GERMAN