Turnover in whole sale trade increased by 1.8% in real terms

According to provisional figures provided by the Federal Statistical Office, the turnover generated by whole sale traders in Germany was 4.5% and 1.8% higher in nominal and real terms respectively in October 2007 as compared to October last year. Compared to September this year, turnover increased by 1.4% and 0.6% respectively.

Three of the six major whole sale trade sectors generated more turnover in 2007 than last year both in nominal and real terms. At the same time the whole sale trade in machinery, equipment and accessories generated the biggest plus increasing turnover by 16.2% in real terms (+8.9% in nominal terms).

In the remaining three most important whole sale trade sectors there were also increases in nominal turnovers compared to the previous months. However, in real terms turnover decreased. The decrease in turnover was strongest in the wholesale trade in agricultural raw materials and living animals amounting to -9.0% (+23.9% in real terms).

In the period from January to October 2007 the whole sale trade business generated 2.4% and 0.7% more turnover in nominal and real terms respectively than in the same period last year. GERMAN