Import prices rose by 1.3 percent in September

According to the Federal Statistical Office, the index of import prices was 1.3% higher in September 2007 than in September last year (August 2006/2007: -0.6%; July 2006/2007: +0.4%). Compared to August 2007 the index increased by 0.6% in September this year.

Inflation was particularly high with regard to pig iron, steel and iron alloys (+8.4%). In the food industry, prices rose in particular for the import of grain (+52.5%) and dairy products (+ 22.3%).

Prices fell for electronic data processing devices and equipment (-29.9%) as well as for electronical components (-19.0%).
Prices of energy carriers increased by 6.5% in September 2007 as compared to the same month last year while mineral oil products were 13.7% more expensive. The price of imported crude oil increased by 13.0%.

Energy prices increased by 3.7% in September as compared to August 2007 and those for crude oil by 6.2% while prices for mineral oil products and hard coal rose by 4.7% in the period between August and September 2007.

The export price index was up by 1.6% in September 2007 as compared to the same month in 2006 and it remained unchanged as compared to August this year. GERMAN