Majority of specialists satisfied with number of holidays

About two thirds (62%) of the German executives and specialists are, according to their own statements, satisfied with the amount of annual holidays. This fact was revealed by a survey conducted by the StepStone online job market. Only 30% of respondents believe that the number of free days was not sufficient in order to relax. Thus, German executives and specialists are more moderate than their international colleagues. By European comparison only 57% of those questioned said that they are satisfied with the annual number of holidays.

Most satisfied in this respect are the Norwegians. In Norway two thirds of executives and specialists questioned said that the amount of their holidays was completely sufficient. The situation in Belgium obviously leaves something to be desired: here almost half of all employees (48%) complain about an insufficient amount of holidays. Another finding: 13% of the French specialists would prefer to receive cash instead of holidays.

In total 20,164 people from Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and France took part in this survey. The number of German interviewees amounted to 8833. GERMAN