E-Learning still rarely used in small and medium-sized entities

The Institute for Labour and Technology (IAT) at the university of applied sciences in Gelsenkirchen is currently dealing with e-learning in small and medium-sized entities (SMEs). The usage of e-learning might help SMEs to increase their competitiveness on the European market. However, so far e-learning is hardly made use of by SMEs. How is it possible to support SMEs, which quite often have only little knowledge and resources in this field, with the introduction of e-learning?

The European SIMPEL project (SMEs Improving E-Learning Practices) addresses itself to small and medium-sized entities, providers of further training and instructors for and in SMEs and tries to find answers to the aforementioned question. In the course of the SIMPEL project, the IAT and its European partners examine national and European projects with regard to their training strategies, methods, technical preconditions and the obtainment of e-competence.

Besides the IAT as project coordinator, there are partners from four other European countries which take part in the project and develop as well as assess strategies for further training. In a next step, there will be the development of guidelines based on the national models and strategies. These are to support the introduction of e-learning in SMEs and to use them intelligently.
The results of the SIMPEL project will be presented at the Systems IT trade fair in Munich (from October 23rd to 26th 2007) and on the occasion of the Wissensoffensive in Hagen (21st and 22nd of November 2007). GERMAN