Approximately 800 million Euros spent on online ads

The German online advertising market is growing at a breathtaking pace and in 2007 could generate turnover totalling 800 million Euros for the first time ever. Already over the first three quarters of 2007 turnover generated through banners, pop-ups or video clips hit a new record high of 627 million Euros which is 68% more than in the first three quarters of 2006.

These figures are based on a survey by the Thomson Media Control market research institute on behalf of the German Association for Information Management, Telecommunications and New Media (BITKOM). For the remaining months of 2007 experts also expect two-digit growth rates in the field of online advertising, says BITKOM.

The strong growth is in particular generated by telecommunications providers and internet platforms which spent about 141 million Euros on traditional online advertising over the first three quarters of 2007. These are followed by trading firms and mail order enterprises (24 million Euros), media and entertainment enterprises (79 million Euros), banks and financial businesses (69 million Euros) as well as car manufacturers (61 million). GERMAN