Munich is Germans´ favourite place of residence

Munich, Hamburg and Berlin are Germany´s most cherished cities when it comes to one´s own four walls. To singles and seniour citizens Bavaria´s capital is the unrivalled favourite. This is the finding of the most recent real estate trend study conducted by PlanetHome.

Munich is attractive due to its flourishing labour market, its vicinity to beautiful recreation areas, due to its Italian flair and of course the Oktoberfest. All this seems to be a combination very much sought-after by Germans given that 44% of interviewees chose Munich as their favourite would-be place of residence. The Bavarian capital serves all tastes: to women as well as to men the city on the banks of the river Isar is equally attractive (43% of respondents each). Among singles the percentage of Munich fans even amounts to 48.3% while 51.2% of senior citizens would like to live in the Bavarian capital.

The consequence is that the demand for housing space is continuously rising which is reflected by increasing rents and prices for real estate. The second and third runner-up in the survey in question were Hamburg (21%) and Berlin (11%). In contrast to its reputation Berlin does not seem to be the stronghold of singles given that the survey revealed that most couples (13,1%) would like to live there.

The favourite places of residence of Germans are:

  1. Munich: 44.0 percent
  2. Hamburg: 21.3 percent
  3. Berlin: 11.0 percent
  4. Cologne: 5.9 percent
  5. Frankfurt: 4.1 percent
  6. Dusseldorf: 3.3 percent
  7. Dresden: 3.3 percent
  8. Wiesbaden: 2.5 percent
  9. Leipzig: 2.3 percent
  10. Bremen: 2.3 percent

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