Number of foreign visitors to Germany up by 2 percent

As was reported by the Federal Statistical Office on the occasion of the World Tourism Day, the number of overnight stays in Germany in hotels with more than nine beds or at camping sites increased by 2% or 23.8 million over the first half of 2007. Most guests (3.4 millions) came from the Netherlands.

Thus, the percentage of Dutch people in proportion to the overall number of overnight stays of foreign visitors amounted to 14.5%. Second came the USA with 2.2 overnight stays (9.3%), third the UK (1.9 millions/8.2%), Switzerland (1.6 million/6.6%), Italy (1.3 million/5.5%) and Austria (1.1 million/4.6%).

All in all the number of overnight stays by foreign guest in propotion to all overnight stays amounted to 14.9% in the first half of 2007. However, the figures were different in several Federal Laender: thus, in Berlin 37.5% of all overnight stays were booked by foreigners, in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania foreigners accounted for just 2.8% of all overnight stays.

Most guests spent the night in the hotel sector: 83.8% stayed in hotels, guesthouses or boarding houses. GERMAN

position country of origin number of overnight stays
  foreign visitors in total 23.806.000
1st Netherlands 3.445.000
2nd USA 2.210.000
3rd United Kingdom 1.944.000
4th Switzerland 1.569.000
5th Italy 1.315.000
6th Austria 1.096.000
7th France 1.087.000
8th Belgium 971.000
9th Denmark 835.000
10th Spain 730.000