German consumer prices up in September

According to the Federal Statistical Office, in September 2007 consumer prices rose noticeably by 2.5% as compared to September last year (calculations based on data provided by six Federal Laender). Back in August the increase in inflation had only been 1.9%. Thus, the rise in September is the highest annual inflation rate increase since September 2005 (+2.5%). Compared to August 2007, prices increased by 0.2% in September this year.

The driving force behind this development are first of all price increases for mineral oil products: heating oil and fuel were between 1.0% and 6.1% and between 8.3% and 11.6% respectively higher than in September last year. As compared to August 2007, prices for heating oil and fuel rose by between 4.5% 9.0% and between 1.0% and 2.2% in September.

This relatively high inflation rate was also caused by continuingly rising prices for food. These in September 2007 were between 1.8% and 3.4% higher than in September last year.

The European consumer price index for Germany will presumably increase by 2.7 in September this year as compared to the same month in 2006. Compared to the previous month (August 2007) this index rose by 0.2%. The final figures for September 2007 will be available by mid-October. GERMAN